Appraisal Tips

Times change and strategies need to change! YOU must be actively involved in making sure your home gets a fair valuation. Getting a fair appraisal is very important when refinancing and critical when selling your home.

Appearance Counts

    • Condition is a major factor in valuing real estate. Your home appearing well maintained and cared for will have an influence.
    • Consider the appraiser’s visit to be similar to an open house. They have a short period of time to form an impression of your home. Pretend it is a first date and work hard to make a good impression!
    • The old saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words is VERY true with appraisals. Pictures will be taken throughout the interior of your home. Put away things you don’t want photographed. Make sure a chair or TV is not blocking a major feature like a fireplace.


Details Matter:

  • Be an active participant in your appraisers visit: Write down a “features” and “improvements” list that they can reference when working on your appraisal
  • Point out details that add value to your home like new windows, hardwood floors or additional square footage not listed with the county.
  • Remember, many improvements cannot be easily seen like insulation, plumbing, and electrical upgrades – don’t forget those.
  • Don’t assume the appraiser knows all the details of your neighborhood. If you live in a historic area, point it out.

The results of your appraisal can have big impacts on your new financing or your buyer being able to close on your home. A little work upfront can make a big difference.





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