Six Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Discovery STEP ONE

I start by learning about you, your plans, and your goals so that I can help you achieve them. So much of the lending process seems like a mystery. I will go through all of your questions and walk you through every step. Your head might be spinning by the end of this, but don’t worry – I’ll be there to catch it!


The more I know, the better. Completing your application is the next step and I will go through that with you in detail. Then, it’s time to dust off your file cabinet and find all of your paperwork. Click here for the list.


Finding the right fit for you is the most critical part of the process. After your application is complete, I will work through all of the options and numbers with you so there are no surprises down the road. Then, I will get your loan APPROVAL in place.

House Hunters STEP FOUR

Searching for your new home is a great adventure. Once you find the right one; you’ll make an offer. Then you will be in Escrow. That “E” word finally makes sense! After inspections are done, the appraisal is completed and you’re entering the home stretch. Just make sure to relax and enjoy it!

Writer’s Cramp STEP FIVE

A few days before the scheduled closing date, we will send your loan documents to your escrow company. This process is as much fun as you’ve always imagined. You even sign a document saying you agree to come back if you missed a document. Wish I was kidding about that part!


In the NW it takes a couple of days to get your keys…but it’s worth it. Once you’ve signed everything and we have reviewed all the paperwork the wire is sent. Escrow then makes sure everyone gets their money and that you are recorded with the county as the new owner. With keys in hand – it’s champagne time!

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