Complicated Credit

I have some very strong beliefs in this area:

Your credit score says nothing about the content of your character. Everyone has gone through difficult times in their lives, and things happen. The secret is to not let the challenges of the past determine your future.

The most important step you can take is to get started now. Over the years I have discovered that most people would rather talk about ANYTHING except their credit challenges. For many people the biggest mistake is simply to stick their heads in the sand and hope their bad credit rating will go away. Even if you have filed for bankruptcy or lost a home through short sale or foreclosure there are steps you can take to start the rebuilding process. Credit is playing a bigger role than ever, and not just in home financing. Employers look at credit and insurance rates are often influenced by credit scores as well.

I believe this issue is so important that I made this specific page on my website for it. I find that most consumers do not know where to start, what matters and where to focus their efforts. I enjoy helping people understand how credit scoring works and the sooner you contact me, the sooner I can help you demystify the process.


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