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As you can tell by the reviews and thank you cards below, I am passionate about what I do! Read on to find out what my clients say about me...



Gary Boyer truly is a practical magician when it comes to getting a mortgage loan. My partner and I went to three other mortgage brokers in Portland trying to get a loan for our first house and they all turned us down because we seemed complicated. I make good money but am self employed. My partner makes a good living, too, but he already owned a house that intended to keep. We both have excellent credit but that didn’t matter to the three mortgage brokers who turned us down.

We had almost given up on buying a house when my realtor friend told me about Gary. He works with a lot of gay and lesbian couples in addition to first time home buyers and credit challenged people, which means he has to think outside of the box to make good solid loans happen. Gary goes the extra mile, is kind, accessible and a dream to work with. He found us a great loan for our house in about a week.

I have referred two other friends to Gary since then, and he’s helped both of them get loans, too. My friends of them came back to me with glowing reviews, also. I love referring Gary to anyone who is at the beginning of their home buying process because I know they’ll be really taken care of. Even two years later, Gary continues to be a great resource for home loan and other financial questions. If I could give him six stars, I would.

~ Katherina A., First Time Home Buyer, Portland, Oregon

Short version: Gary made it happen!

Long version: We are first time house buyers, and we had never had any experience with the home loan process. And a long and complex process it is. Fortunately we found Gary on Yelp and he successfully walked us though it. It is amazing how many different documents are demanded by the mortgage companies, the underwriters, the insurers and so on. You need to have someone who will keep his full attention on the status of your application, and that is Gary without a doubt.

Gary received us the same day I called him. Not only was he friendly and warm, but he explained to us the process in detail, while at the same time providing advise on what our purchase ability should look like according to our income and our plans for the future. This to us was very important, for we were looking for a personalized service. I had the option of applying though my employer, which has some deals with large financial institutions, but that would have meant that we’d lack the quality of service that Gary provides, so we decided to stick with him. He was available to us even after business hours, and he even provided us with personalized pre-approval letters almost instantly.

The last mile of the process was very much agonizing. There were additional papers needed, additional explanations required, and a lot of waiting forced upon us to be able to close on time. Perhaps Gary could have kept in touch with more frequency during that week – we were really freaking out, but in the end he pulled it out, which was nothing short of a minor miracle, and that’s what matters the most.

~ Cesar P, First Time Home Buyer, Beaverton, Oregon

Long story short: Gary kicks serious butt as a broker. He is on your side throughout the process, from start to finish. He is a super fast and an effective communicator, and is available by cell even off-business hours. He answers emails ASAP. He is super friendly and very easy to talk to. He was super fast with paper work, and getting paperwork to our realtor. Overall, I couldn’t be pleased with my interactions with Gary…after discovering him on Yelp.

We were first-time home buyers, and didn’t have a clue about buying a house. Gary was the only “easy” part of this entire process. He handled all speedbumps that we encountered along the way with patience. I couldn’t have asked for a better broker.

Trust Gary…and you will be rewarded with excellent customer service. We first went to two other mortgage brokers….one didn’t make the effort to help us after the initial meeting (he found out we were gay), and the second stopped communicating with us after she found out I was gay. You don’t have to worry about this with Gary…he’s gay and straight friendly! 🙂

~ Kyle R, First Time Home Buyer, Salem, Oregon

My husband and I were just starting the process of searching for our new home when Gary was recommended to us. Immediately upon meeting Gary, he made us very comfortable. He looked at our background, asked us questions about our life plans, and really took the time to understand us. He answered all of our questions, but also directed in the big decisions we had ahead. His advice was conservative, realistic, and took into account everything that he knew about us. In addition to all of that, the turn around time on the loan approval was lightening fast, and this enabled us to essentially make an offer on our very first house hunt (even though we ultimately didn’t get that house).

He was professional, but relaxed; informative, but shared the information just at the right time and in the right way so that we could truly process it.

All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gary to anyone!

~ Jenny B, Home Purchase Loan, Portland, Oregon

I got the keys. For my house. My home.

Over and ended: a lifetime of living out of boxes; of fearful childhood retreats to grandma’s house when the debts came due; a dream shared with my love, gone by that hot July.

When the key clicked in the lock, my lock, smugly I saw his sweltering apartment, crowded with one of the women he got pregnant. Ha. I got a house!

My friends ate pizza, drank beer in the empty echoing living room. Caton arrived with a 4-pack of TP and a bottle of cocktail bitters. Jennifer ‘s newly fuchsia hair left a stain on the wall, now hidden by a bookcase. I chose the same color for my first peony. For my house. My home.


It could not have happened without the tireless efforts of mortgage broker Gary Boyer. The man got in the mud and wrestled for it, knife in his teeth.

He was kind, professional, and fierce. And, as I’ve learned as I watch unwise deals implode around the city, whip smart. Did he foist an interest-only loan or a volatile ARM on my uncreditworthy booty? No. The man got me a solid, government-supported, fixed rate mortgage. Golden.

~ Brandon B, First Time Home Buyer, Portland, Oregon

We bugged our Yelp friends, our work friends, random strangers and the occasional barnyard animal about finding a decent mortgage broker. Fortunately, one of our dearest Yelp friends provided a ringing endorsement of Gary Boyer and his Mortgage Monkey team.

Now, you probably don’t know me very well, but I confess that I can be a little stuffy at times; especially when it comes to business stuff. The name “Mortgage Monkey” was an immediate turnoff, but the recommendation was so positive that I sucked it up and made the call. Thank God I did.

Gary and his team were professional, personable, and really freaking fast. Just about everyone involved in our home buying process was totally amazed at the speed at which things got done. We closed in record time, we got a great mortgage rate, and we have Gary to thank for it.

If you’re a stick in the mud like me, just ignore the mortgage monkey thing. It’ll be all right. If you like doing business with monkeys, then you need no further encouragement. Go forth and buy a house, monkey-person.

~ Brice B. Home Buyer, Portland, Oregon

Gary is the best mortgage person we have ever worked with. He was so helpful and informative from the beginning till we signed our final papers. He advised us every step of the way and he made it all happen. We would not own our dream house if it was not for him.

We are already in the process of working with him on a second mortgage, and continue to send family and friends his way.

~ Jehanne B., Portland, Oregon

Gary has helped us buy 2 homes now and I would use him every time. The funny thing is my husband is an AVP and I’m a VP at the largest lender in the country but when it came down to getting into our first home in 2004 and now our dream home it was Gary that we trusted to get the job done with the best rate and to be there for us from beginning to end. He could get us closed quicker than our own company securing the quick sale request of our condo and getting in to our new home fast which helped us to beat out another offer on the home we wanted. The 5 star “Whoohoo! As good as it gets!” is well deserved.

~ Katherine R., Second time home buyer, Beaverton, Oregon

Gary is amazing. He was able to answer all of our crazy questions and point us in the right direction.

~ Jill T., Vancouver, Washington

Gary is awesome! As a first time home buyer, he made the process very simple and stress-free. He genuinely cares about his clients, can explain the process, set expectations and do it with a great sense of humor. Every time I have a “I love my home” moment I think of Gary and my equally awesome realtor for getting me into such a beautiful home. I’d recommend him to anyone and would work with him again without reservation!

~ Stephanie M., First Time Home Buyer, Portland, OR

Gary is amazing.
I walked into his office with no idea about the home buying experience. Gary sat down with me and talked to me about the process and the realities. He was there for me the whole process (even during the meltdowns late at night).
I cannot sing his praises any louder. If you are even thinking about buying a home you should talk with Gary.

~ Shane J., Portland, OR

My husband and I were referred to Gary, by our realtor, Rex Buchanan from Oregon First. Gary and his team were very helpful and led us through the complicated process seamlessly. We met Gary one evening in his office and devised a plan, and over a few month period, got our credit in line so we could be pre-approved without any problems. We had been looking for homes over the course of a few months, and we were really lucky to find the perfect home in the SW area, in our price range. Gary and our realtor assisted us through the way. Gary was even available through email and phone on a weekend when we were making an offer, and at a very critical time.

We would recommend him to anyone purchasing a home, or first time homebuyers, like us. If you have worked really hard to get to the point to purchase your first home like we did, let Gary and his team help you though the loan process. You will not be disappointed!

~Lynn J., First time home purchase, Tigard, OR

Gary – It was fanfreakingtastic working with you to purchase our home. We love love our new place and truly appreciate everything you did to help. We know you worked some magic to make this happen!! We would love to have you over soon to celebrate and hang. Talk soon. THANK YOU!!!

~Catie & Caleb, Portland, OR

Thanks again for helping us get a loan. You don’t know how happy we are to buy our first house. You are awesome. Thanks again.

~Kyle, Portland, OR

Gary – Wow!! You are amazing! We will never work with anyone but you! You rocked our loan out 2 weeks early and with the ease and professionalism only a true veteran could do! Thank you!

~Jeff & Rochelle, Portland, OR

Gary puts the AWE in AWESOME.

We bought our first house exactly a year ago, and I was truly awed by the wonderful experience we had — and we weren’t exactly cookie-cutter clients (we’re an unmarried lesbian couple and one of us –okay, me– has had some credit issues in the past that tend to haunt like scary ghosties). But we had to buy a house quickly and we were referred to Gary by multiple enthusiastic friends, so off we went, pretty much wetting our pants that we’d be turned away — or worse — pushed into a price range we couldn’t actually afford.

Gary was amazing. He soothed our nerves and handled everything flawlessly. We had only hoped for a great professional, and we got that — but we also got this guy who really understood our situation and cared about whether we ended up with the right mortgage — it wasn’t just transactional. And, he was totally ON IT business-wise (at all hours, no matter how late at night, even when he was on vacation!). He helped me boost my credit rating in the immediate term by having me pay off a credit card and then re-pulling the report so my score jumped higher, enabling us to get better deal. When we made an offer late in the evening, he and his team were right there with us, reachable by phone and email, busily calculating numbers and sending us paperwork late at night so we could keep pace and not lose the house to competing offers. Gary counseled us through some of those icky bits so skillfully that I can honestly say we had a *relaxed* (though exciting!) home buying experience. Between Gary and Dawn Barry-Griffin (our realtor), we had the most amazing and relentless team working to help us get the house of our dreams and it all happened flawlessly.

We wound up buying a beautiful home in the Montavilla neighborhood and are busy living happily ever after. At tax time this year, we heard from Gary again — we got a packet in the mail from him containing fresh copies of all the paperwork we’d need for our taxes, since the first taxes you do as a homeowner are always a little confusing and you aren’t sure what you need. And we get the best holiday letters and newsletters from Gary to this day — and we actually enjoy reading them. 🙂


~Jen H., First Time Home Purchase Loan, Portland, OR

My wife and I were referred to Gary through a very close friend of mine, and both feel fortunate to have received such a professional, friendly contact in Mr. Boyer. Gary was a fantastic resource for our home-buying experience. He was patient and calming during the frantic times, which during this process can be common, and was thoroughly informative at every point. In the end we were able to get a steal of a mortgage during a process that was smooth-as-velvet. We would recommend Gary Boyer twice over, and can guarantee he’ll go to bat for your best interest.

~Jay B., Portland, OR

I’m here to tell you folks that Gary’s great work goes beyond helping those in Portland. I recently refinanced one home in Eugene and then purchased a new home in Corvallis, and Gary was with me every step of the way. Gary is professional yet personable. He knows so much, but he’s also a great listener and let’s folks work their way through the process of home buying. I loved his sense of humor and genuine care. Gary earned my gratitude and respect. I’d highly recommend him to anyone anywhere who wants to get this process done well.

~ Flaxen C., Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon

If you’re reading this far and have seen this many amazing reviews of this man, then I don’t know what else you could possibly be looking for. I first met Gary in January of this year, and my credit was seriously hurting. Like, I was embarrassed to tell anybody on earth how bad it actually was. But, as a newlywed, I wanted to get my head out of the sand and face up to my issues so me and my husband could get our lives started. It was the incredibly positive reviews on Yelp that convinced me to contact Gary, and it was a decision I’ve never regretted. Over the next six months he was constantly available to help me get my issues in check, and in July we were able to close on our home. We owe it all to Gary and his team, and we look forward to sending our friends and family to him in the future. One of the good ones, for sure!

We recently bought our first home in Portland and Gary and his team were wonderful to work with! Throughout the process Gary was always very accessible – replying to what were probably very basic questions (but had us first-timers getting all worked up) between BBQs over the weekend, he was clear and concise in his email follow ups, and diligent about the timeline in order to keep things moving.

~ Danielle T., Portland, Oregon

But the icing on the cake was his team’s support in the final days of the purchase: the listing agent had been a nightmare to work with and repeatedly put off completing projects by agreed to deadlines, which threatened to push our appraisal and signing date back. We were in a pinch, since we had to move out of our rental just a few days after our scheduled signing. But his team jumped into high gear to get paperwork processed and moving – they even sent a notary to our house in order to get things signed in time. We were up against a weekend and otherwise would have missed the ability to move before we were out of the rental – thankfully avoiding living out of a storage unit for a week!

We so appreciated having Gary and his awesome team on our side and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for someone to go above and beyond.

~ Lydia C., Portland, Oregon

I cannot say enough about Gary. We met with him a year early so he could help us financially plan and understand what we needed to do to make buying a house possible. There was a mistake on our credit score and he was fighting until literally the last hour before he sent the documents over to the title company to make sure everything was cleared with all three credit bureaus and saves us half a percentage point. He is truly on your team and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house.

~Ashley H., Portland, OR

Gary, I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that you’re appreciated!

I just saw a news story about interest rates, and the challenges of new loans, and how long it takes to get a refi…..

And I thought about how lucky I was that you could make it happen – TOOK THE INIATIVE ON MY BEHALF TO MAKE it happen – drag me kicking and screaming through the process, and I’m way better off at the end.

Thank you very much for your help – and your patience with me.

~Gary N., Portland, Oregon

Gary is the BEST!

We had been trying to refi our condo since the beginning of the year. We went to our original lendor (a major bank), thinking it would be easy since we had not had a late payment in over 6 years. They found reasons to deny us 3 times for various reasons. We reached out to Gary after seeing these reviews on Yelp. The whole process was easy; we communicated by phone & email, he did some research for us. Any time we had questions, Gary and his staff, were immediately responsive. After we submitted our app online, I think it was about a month later that we closed. I have to admit, I was fully prepared to hear we would be denied again. So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to get the phone call to sign to close the loan!

So, If you are looking for a refi or are buying for the first time, second time, whatever, don’t waste your time anywhere else, GO TO GARY, online, on the phone, in person, he is the BEST!

~Judi H., Portland, Oregon

A little less than a year ago my family moved to Portland Oregon. I was searching for a new credit union for myself and my wife, and looking at reviews here on Yelp. I noticed tons of great reviews for a local mortgage loan officer, intrigued due to the reviews and the fact of my wife and I wanting to buy a home, I opened up the link to Gary’s website in a new tab and continued my credit union search. Here I am about 6 or 7 months later in the dining room of my new home writing another raving review for Gary on Yelp.

My wife and I contacted Gary through the forms on his website. A week or so later we met him at his wonderful office in the Pearl. My Wife, myself, and our 18 month old son met with Gary in his conference room to discuss our wants, our finances, and all the rest of the ‘I want to buy a house’ stuff. Our son ran around the conference room like a wild banshee while Gary patiently took his time explaining to us the whole house buying process and everything else we would need to know. Being first time home buyers, this was a ton of new info to take in and learn. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to help than Gary!

We had a recommendation for a Realtor from a co-worker of mine. After not being completely satisfied, we asked Gary if he could recommend us a Realtor. Needless to say the Realtor agent that Gary recommended kicked you-know-what on every level and then some. She met us on new years eve of 2012 to give us the keys to our new home! The whole home buying situation was full of surprises (good and bad), tons of paperwork, questions, concerns, and every considerable emotion. I know that if it wasn’t for Gary the whole process wouldn’t have gone through so smoothly. It was pretty rocky, purchasing this house. Tons of delays, seller issues, and other things made this quite challenging. None of any of the issues were due to Gary or anything he had control over! His constant communication (Even on vacation!), encouraging words, and knowing that he is taking care of you, makes even a rough situation one much easier to bare.
I can’t thank him enough for helping my family find the house that we loved. Having a home to call your own is a great thing and many many thanks go to Gary for this.

If you are looking to buy a home and are a first time buyer, or a seasoned buyer, you can not go wrong talking to Gary. The only way you can go wrong is by not reaching out to him to help you achieve your dreams!

Gary, Another very sincere ‘Thank You!’ from my family! Couldn’t have done it without you!

~Chris Vespermann, Portland, OR

Gary helped my partner and I in ways other mortgage people couldn’t. Our second refinance with Gary helped us lower our payments to the point we were able to comfortably retire. Efficient, thorough, honest, reassuring and respectful describes our beloved Mortgage Monkey!

~Virginia H., Portland, OR

I went into my credit union this week to talk about a refinance, simply to keep my money in the community. I told the woman I have a broker that I normally deal with, but I was curious about the credit union option. She asked me my brokers name. I told her Gary Boyer, and before looking at any of my paperwork, she said “Go see Gary. He will do better than we can. If you had any other broker, I’d be interested in pursuing this. But Gary will do whats best for you”. I will never stray again…..

~Jarred D., Portland, OR

Gary was great to work with!

He went out of his way to answer our questions (often outside of business hours). He was supportive, had great advice and made the process of buying our home as painless as possible! I will recommend him to anyone who needs to obtain a loan for a purchase or refinance of their home!

~Leah H., Portland, OR

There are too many great reasons to use Gary Boyer and his team to name in an email. But if you are looking for honesty, professionalism, tenacity – someone with a can-do, will get done attitude, then look no further. If you don’t use Gary when buying your first home and all those thereafter, or use Gary for refinancing, please reexamine why. Read all the reviews here and below, and there is a great reason- he iIS THE BEST. In a world with terrible stories of dealing with financial institutions, planners, brokers and more, you won’t find another Gary Boyer.

~Susan C., Portland, OR

I have been calling Gary Boyer for refinancing over several years. We also had a detailed conversation about the possibilities for my parents to purchase a rental house in Portland that live out of state. Our most recent conversation last week really motivated me to write a review, esp after being on hold for hours with our bank.

Gary is enthusiastic, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He always makes me feel welcomed and never rushes the call. He has always been readily available and prompt returning calls. He spends time discussing strategies to ensure we are in the best position for refinancing when we are ready. He has given us ideas we hadn’t thought of and others hadn’t mentioned. I have never felt any pressure from him to make a move or decision.

His newsletters are hilarious and informative. Normally I dread reading those type of things, but am glad to be on his mailing list. I also like that he has personal experience buying and selling multiple properties in the area. He understands Portland’s diverse neighborhoods.

To clarify, I gave him an A for price. We have yet to make a transaction-but the advice and time he has provided have been well worth my time. Unlike our bank, who again we wasted hours just being on hold.

Don’t hesitate to call even if you are not to the point of making a home purchase or refinance. I have dealt with others and he outshines them! Really wish I knew about him when we purchased this and other homes.

~Angie’s List Member, Portland, OR

You are a wonderful man Gary Boyer.

Not that I don’t send everyone I can to you that I know already, but I think I have a couple more people who need your services soon.
Thanks again man. I don’t often feel that people go above when doing work for me, and you exceed my expectations every time. Keep up the good work.

~Jarred, Portland, OR

Gary and his team are as good as it gets! My husband and I both work for a big bank in their mortgage division! and yet I have now done the last 3 loans with Gary including my first condo and now our dream house because I know at the end of the day we can count on him to close on time and to not put us through the mortgage ringer that my husband and I see everyday.

Gary truly loves making homeowner dreams come true you can see it in the way he explains things and works for you! In the current negative aura of the mortgage industry and financial reform Gary and his team put the personal touch back into the process,we never felt like just a loan number to him!

I signed up for Yelp just to give him this review that’s how much I recommend him!

~Katherine R., Beaverton, OR

I can’t even describe how AMAZING Gary is!

My husband and I were on the search for our first home about 5 months ago. We went to Gary before we began the searching process and he helped us clean up our finances by advising us to consolidate student loans and pay off some of the more important debt. He walked us through the entire home process and informed us of our options. By the time we began our search we were all set to be pre-approved for our first home.

The actual home process for us was a nightmare because we decided to fall in love with a short sale so the waiting process was the worst. Through the entire waiting process (4 months) Gary made sure we had our ducks in a row, if you will, so when it was time to pull the trigger we’d be ready. And that we were. The sellers lender finally got us their approval letter and gave us two weeks from the date before it was going to expire. From what we heard from friends/family and our Realtor whose been in the business for 25 years, 2 weeks to process a loan nowadays is simply unheard of. Also riding on that time frame was our interest rate that we locked in at 3.25%. Let me back track, the seller agreed to a certain amount of money in concessions at the very beginning of this journey to help with closing costs. The very last minute the seller’s lender said they were not going to accept that. So to compensate for that money we didn’t have in cash we were going to increase of interest rate to 3.5%, which we were okay with because it was still well below market.

Long story short, 2 weeks after we received that letter and before our interest rate expired, Gary pulled it off without any problems! And he told us to look on page 3 of the final numbers for a little ‘surprise’. He worked his magic, kept our interest rate at 3.25% and gave us a more than generous lender credit.

With all the bumps we had throughout this process Gary made a very stressful situation not seem all that bad. We’ve been in our new home for 2 weeks now and could NOT have done it without Gary!!

~Tonya T., Battle Ground, Washington

Gary rocked our mortgage process! From the first meeting to closing, he was responsive, professional and very informative. Our last mortgage was recorded incorrectly and he went to bat for us with the reporting agencies and got it fixed. He provided us quick numbers for every house we thought we might want to bid on and in this hot PDX market, fast was essential! When we finally found our house, the process couldn’t have gone smoother. In fact, we closed a week early! Buying a house can be quite stressful but through it all, Gary’s friendly, funny nature kept us grounded and his expertise made the experience a breeze.

~Angie’s List User, Portland, Oregon

My husband and I cannot recommend Gary enough! I actually went with him based on reviews I found online and truly could not have found a better mortgage guy. We sold our house when it was a great time to sell, but then had a heck of a time buying a house in a sellers market. We had to make offers on multiple places. He was ALWAYS THERE FOR US when we needed to make our offer and show we could afford it. He was very responsive and professional, 100% of the time. He is a great numbers guy and understands the ins and outs of the process. You will never have to ‘think for him’ or prod him along to keep things going at the pace that they need to happen if you find yourself time crunched by the market. If he says he can do it, he DOES IT. Furthermore, our loan wasn’t necessarily straight forward… we had a gift going into the purchase and he has been wonderfully helpful in helping us pull the whole thing off. He’s friendly, personable, and absolutely, positively is the best mortgage person I’ve ever met or even heard of. When I bought my first house, I was very frustrated by my mortgage broker, couldnt get phone calls returned within 24 hours, had to call, nag, and worry. This was not the case at all with Gary. Anyway – I cannot overstate how wonderful he is. Go with Gary and save yourself alot of headaches!

~Tracy W., Home Purchase Loan, Portland, OR

Purchasing a home can be a super stressful, complicated and lengthy process. Fortunately for me, Gary made my home-buying experience as efficient and stress-free as could possibly be. Gary was able to to explain what to expect in simple terms and was able to provide me with different options so that I could make a well-informed decision about what I could realistically afford. I was ultimately able to close on a property in just a few short weeks and my closing costs and mortgage payments ended up being almost dead on to what he originally projected with no unexpected surprises. I can’t recommend Gary enough!

~Jason F., Portland, OR

I had been turned down by two mortgage lenders because my house was a) too small (414 sq. ft) to make a comparison and b) too small a loan amount. Sounds like they just didn’t want to bother with the little people. Not Gary. His professionalism shone through by going above and beyond what a normal process would require. He could have easily denied me like the others but he chose to put me first, not him. That doesn’t happen much in business. Class act.

~Kurt G., Portland, OR

My husband and I had previously refinanced through Wells Fargo. It was a horrible experience for us so we were hesitant to use a bank’s staff the second time around. Going through a mortgage broker was a completely different experience, one we highly recommend. Gary and his staff did everything, answered all our questions and did not make us feel like we were being scammed. I highly recommend them and am very glad we decided to use them vs a bank’s mortgage team.

~Lataya D., Portland, OR

We recently bought our first home and Gary and his team were wonderful to work with! Throughout the process Gary was always very accessible – replying to what were probably very basic questions (but had us first-timers getting all worked up) between BBQs over the weekend, he was clear and concise in his email follow ups, and diligent about the timeline in order to keep things moving. But the icing on the cake was his team’s support in the final days of the purchase: the listing agent had been a nightmare to work with and repeatedly put off completing projects by agreed to deadlines, which threatened to push our appraisal and signing date back. We were in a pinch, since we had to move out of our rental just a few days after our scheduled signing. But his team jumped into high gear to get paperwork processed and moving – they even sent a notary to our house in order to get things signed in time. We were up against a weekend and otherwise would have missed the ability to move before we were out of the rental – thankfully avoiding living out of a storage unit for a week! We so appreciated having Gary and his awesome team on our side and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for someone to go above and beyond.

~Lydia Cox., Portland, OR

I’m writing this review from the backyard of our new house. Buying a house would still be a fantasy were it not for Gary Boyer, and the real estate agent who recommended him to us, Dawn Barry-Griffin. The first time we met Gary, for Mortgage 101, I knew we’d chosen well. He explained the process for first-time home buyers thoroughly, acknowledged both of the most likely stumbling blocks (being gay and receiving income from tips), and sent us out of the office with the insane belief that someone somewhere might agree to lend us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I really appreciated the honesty Gary brought to this task. He made a point of making certain we were getting the kind of loan we wanted, for an amount we were comfortable with. He talked with us frankly about houses a buyer can afford with property taxes they can’t. He also waited until he saw the interest rates drop again before locking us in, saving us tens of thousands of dollars over the life of our loan. Hello, fixed-rate, no pre-payment penalty home loan! I won’t lie; there were some bumps on this road. What we got from Gary was forewarning of where the bumps were and the willingness to overcome those obstacles. He not only worked after his office closed on a federal holiday, he talked an underwriter into doing so as well. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Gary is a professional, but never made me feel weird that I was wearing flip flops into his nice office, and didn’t bat an eye when we wrote chickens into the loan (’cause it’s Portland and that’s TOTALLY normal). I’d recommend him to anyone. In fact, I think I just did.

~Kimberly Franklin., Portland, OR

Gary went above and beyond to help a sister out. He sent some papers to me and called me to see if I had any questions. I said, “Well, my son and I are at the shop trying to figure out how to get home. Our car broke down and needed to be towed. As soon as I get home I’ll review the papers again and give you a call.” Gary said, “Give me the address and I will come pick you up.” 15 minutes later he was there smiling and happy to help out. I was thrilled. Since then we have worked with Gary again, and though I haven’t needed a ride anywhere he has been extreemly professional, helpful and very efficient. I have great confidence in Gary and his team and can not recomend him more highly.

~A Google User, Portland, OR

I had a great refi experience with Gary. He really took the time to find out about all aspects of our financial picture and our plans years into the future so that he could put together a loan that was the best fit. He came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine and I will now be recommending him highly to others.

~A Google User, Portland, OR

The first time I used Gary I was a first time home buyer. I was freaked out because I thought I didn’t have enough money saved and my my credit wasn’t perfect. Gary walked me through the process, and I was a bit nervous more than once, but I made it and purchased my first home. His mascot is a monkey, Mortgage Monkey. Odd choice, but I always remember it and it wouldn’t work if he wasn’t so good at his job. He even taught me how to improve my credit so that getting a loan in the future would be easie. I have bought and sold several houses since and I have worked with Gary each time. That is the best compliment I can give him.

~A Google User, Portland, OR

Gary is professional, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. He did such a wonderful job for us in regards to getting a mortgage for our home that we have referred both family and friends to him. The only reports we have ever received from any of the people we’ve referred is how terrific he was to work with in the mortgage process.

~A Google User, Portland, OR

Gary Boyer is the best mortgage broker in Portland. He got us a solid fixed low rate loan when no one else could. He was fast, responsive and wonderful to work with. Thanks to Gary, we have a mortgage and a home that is ours!

~A Google User, Portland, OR

Gary is the definition of a subject matter expert in his field. When I relocated to Portland, Gary not only provided me with an excellent mortgage, he also recommended a great Realtor, and guided us through the entire home purchase process. His staff is second to none, and he even gave us information to refinance our previous home to prepare it for rental/sale.

~Richard O’Neil, LinkedIn Review, Portland, OR

I had the pleasure of working with Gary when we first started thinking about buying a house. He not only advised me how to build my credit as a Permanent US Resident, but also assisted us every step of the way till we found the house we loved and signed on the contract.

He knows so much about the real estate industry and is so helpful when it comes to securing finance…more

~Jehanne (Jay) Bowen, LinkedIn Review, Portland, OR

This guy works magic! We like Gary for many reasons but most of all because he knows the value of building relationships. I recommend him on and off LinkedIn.

~Kat Schon, LinkedIn Review, Portland, OR

I have worked with for the last eight years and he is always on the mark. Buying a home can be very a very stressful process and Gary makes it all come together with grace and aplomb. My clients love him and keep coming back! He is especially skilled at helping the first time buyer understand the intricacies of financing by putting it in a language they can understand.

~Jewel Robinson, Principal Real Estate Broker, LinkedIn Review, Portland, OR

I originally used Gary for my own personal mortgage before I was a Realtor. I’ve recommended him to family, friends, and now to clients, and never cease to be amazed at what he can pull together. I especially enjoy sending him first-time buyers – he’s great at explaining a very confusing process!

~Deb Counts-Tabor, Real Estate Agent @ Oregon Realty, LinkedIn Review, Portland, OR

I labored over this review. I typed, deleted, and retyped paragraphs over and over… all in the hopes of really communicating the amount of awe I have for Gary and his team. I know it’s a serious review when that happens to me. This is no review for McDonald’s, folks. This is home-buying.

When it was first suggested to me that I meet with Gary and see about my ability to qualify for a home loan, I pssssh’d so much I sounded like a tire losing air. Kyle R. finally got sick of my shit, forced me to take a day off from work, and contacted Gary for me. (There’s a reason why I love Kyle R. so much.)

I didn’t qualify at first, but Gary told me how to get there. I followed his advice, and within a short amount of time I was granted that glorious pre-approval letter that I proudly presented to agents.

I looked at a lot of homes and nagged Gary incessantly before I finally found my beloved home. After my offer was accepted, I still didn’t let up him. I had even more questions. And he answered them… with lots of humor.

We closed right on the date that I requested with the assistance of his assistant (Hi Kendra!) and they stuck by me right up to the title recording by slow-ass Marion County.

The most important thing to know about Gary is this: He’s going to be your best friend during this whole process. He’ll answer your annoying questions, listen to your woes, laugh at your jokes, and maybe even answer your drunken calls at 2 AM. You’ll trust him more than your agent (especially if you had a bucket-head like I did) and when he gives you advice on the quality of your home and making smart choices, you’ll listen and believe what he’s saying.

Thank you Gary and Kendra!!!!!

~Erin H., Home Purchase Loan, Yelp Review, Portland, OR

Gary, Thank you so much for making my refinance experience quick and effortless. As you may recall, you helped me purchase my home a couple of years ago. You took such good care of me, that I knew I had to come back to you again to assist me with my refinance. I’m glad I did because you delivered the same exceptional service. You were always informative and quick to respond to my emails. Your personal touch and genuine care for your customers definitely shows and put me at ease. As you know, I work in the industry myself in mortgage underwriting. I can have some high expectations and can be particular about the details, but I never had any doubts that I was in good hands with you. Thank you so much for a positive experience. Our industry can be challenging with all the rules and regulations, but you made the experience enjoyable. Thank you!

~Scott B., Google+ Review, Portland, OR

Gary was so helpful in buying my first home. He explained all the details and I could text or call with all of my first time home buyer questions. I highly recommend Gary and his company.

~Kate B., Yelp Review, Portland, OR

GARY BOYER and MORTGAGE MONKEY should be the starting point for anyone needing PROFESSIONAL Mortgage solutions. I had already run the gamut with the incompetence of 🙁 Wf mortgage )-: and been rejected by them. I came across MORTGAGE MONKEY website while researching another mortgage group that had been suggested by my sister-in-law, who works in real estate. The MORTGAGE MONKEY site claimed to work with UNUSUAL clientele, and that is exactly what our finances had become, unusual. We had no checking account. We had lost jobs due to the economic turn down and personal medical reasons, had started a business, and had liens against the home we were attempting to re-finance. It was a personal financial nightmare, which we were beginning to sort out. I sceptically called MORTGAGE MONKEY, Gary said he thought he could help and immediately went to work. Gary Boyer and his TEAM of Mortgage PROFESSIONALS are the BEST. My husband and I were able to refi in 6 weeks start to finish. Gary, Kendra, and J., provided due diligence throughout the process and were ALWAYS available to answer my questions right up to the final County title recording. We could not be happier with our new mortgage! We were able to get an interest rate which allowed us to payoff old debts and a monthly mortgage $50 LESS than we had!!! Gary Boyer and Mortgage Monkeys should be the starting point for anyone looking for mortgage solutions.

~Ronda F., Yelp Review, Oregon City, OR

Thanks again. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, at the risk of sounding like a stalker, but… We found you online a couple years ago. During the really dark times, our “go to” was you. Yes, we had no money, and were considered loan pariahs, but we felt like there would be hope, in the form of a monkey. You seemed so non judgmental, and willing to help… Then after we paid the bankruptcy off we counted off the days til the discharge would come, and we could contact you to see if there was hope. When I finally contacted you, I told Jase, “the monkey’s on it.” He knew exactly what I meant, for reals!!

So I wanted you to know, that mortgage monkey thing made you approachable, even to a woman who almost ended up in the loony bin after financial ruin. Whether that brings you peace, or seems weird, you got us through the shittiest times, and didn’t even know it!

~Sam and Jason, Boulder City, NV

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your most welcome call on Friday. I can’t recall working with another professional who really understood our needs and situation so precisely. You crafted a solution that addressed each part of our situation superbly.

Blessings as you go on your journey. I’ll be in touch with any questions.


~Rabbi Alan Berg

We simply can’t say thank you enough to Gary and his amazing team! My husband and I reached out to Gary out of sheer desperation, hoping that somebody might be able to help us make heads or tails out of our circumstance. Not only was Gary incredibly quick with his response to us, but he was kind, compassionate, and informative. He could have easily turned the other way, knowing that he would not necessarily benefit from helping us. But he didn’t. Instead, he calmly walked us through and stuck by us until we were able to find resolution. My husband and I won’t forget his kindness and knowledge!! He will definitely be the first person that we call for any future mortgage needs!

~Jen N. Google+ Review, Portland, Oregon

We had a very complicated financial situation, but Gary was able to find us financing for the home that we will spend many years in. We move in tomorrow. I originally contacted another mortgage company in Lake Oswego, with who I had worked with in the past. But their failure to return my phone call within 5 days prompted me to find me to find Gary. He was eager to tackle our unique needs, was prompt with his responses and questions, and quick in finding us financing. I highly recommend him to anyone, not just those with special and difficult situations. Not to mention he’s just a really nice guy, and who can resist monkeys?!

Side note; the original mortgage company did eventually return my phone call, asked for a ton of personal information then never called or emailed me again. I get the feeling that if you don’t want assistance purchasing a half million $ house then you are wasting their time.

~Angie P., Yelp Review, Troutdale, Oregon

When my husband suggesting selling our home and purchasing a new one my first thought was dread at dealing with the loan. Thank goodness our realtor( Rex Buchanan) recommended Gary! Everything with Gary was easy and smooth. He explains every option fully and always responds quickly to questions. I also worked with Gary’s assistant who was just as awesome! Goodbye shady mortgage broker hello Gary Boyer!

~Robert H., Yelp Review, Portland, OR

Gary Boyer is a game changer. Nope, a life changer. I met Gary through email after discovering his outstanding reviews on Yelp. I was living in Seattle at the time but getting ready to move to PDX with my wife. We were not ready to buy a house but I wanted to understand the ins and outs of home buying (being a first time buyer) and he met with us to explain the process months before we made the move to Portland. He is so good at explaining home buying and answering any question about mortgages and financing. We threw a lot at him. He coached us with his expertise and it paid off big time when we were ready to make the biggest purchase of our lives. When we finally moved to Portland, we began the home buying process and we financed our first house through Gary and his team. The process was smooth, enjoyable and surprisingly quick.

More recently we bought a second home. Being a vacation property, our mortgage was significantly different and more complex. But again he and his team rocked it for us every step of the way and seamlessly worked with our bombtastic real estate agent (Rex Buchanan) when things got tricky. We can’t thank Gary and his group enough. If you are wanting to buy a home, thinking of buying a home, or just wondering if you can buy a home, don’t go to a big bank….Do yourself a solid and get in touch with Gary!!

~Caleb A., Yelp Review, Portland, Oregon

Gary is simply amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. We have been in our home for about 18 months and I never would have imagined we would be able to own! He made our dreams come true and I will be forever grateful!

~Katie C., Facebook Review, Portland, Oregon

Well, it’s high time I gave a Shout Out to Gary Boyer, for all he did, in making it possible for my partner, Scott, and I, to buy our first home. No more renting, no more horrid Landlord. We will be eternally grateful. We have been together almost 23 years, and rented the same house for 19 of those. We never thought we could be homeowners. Thank You, Gary.

~Cyd C., Facebook Review, Portland, Oregon

Gary, we are so lucky to have found you. You restore faith in for so many dealing with the difficult and challenging economic climate. We are so thrilled to have completed our refinance with you.

~Susan C., Facebook Review, Portland, Oregon

I was a first time home-buyer (currently homeowner [spoiler alert]), and was unsure how to get started. My first encounter with a mortgage specialist was through my personal bank. It wasn’t a poor experience, but nor was it an encouraging, warm, and empathetic one. I was presented with a laundry list of the things that I now consider to be confusing and irrelevant. I was urged by family to seek out a dedicated mortgage broker. With a Google search I immediately noticed the stellar reviews of Gary and Mortgage Monkey and decided to schedule a meeting. Being in my mid-twenties I was very intimidated. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be taken seriously and cast aside for older, and perceivably wiser clients. I couldn’t have been more wrong when I was greeted by Gary. He is one of the warmest, most comfortable people I have every worked with for any service, while still being uncompromisingly professional. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and so generous with his personal time that it borders on reckless. My situation was sensitive and complicated, and he made it simpler than I could have hoped for. I felt taken care of, and after a smooth a successful closing, I feel that even more so. I strongly urge anyone interested in buying a home to visit Gary. He made this possible for me, when I feel that most others couldn’t. Thanks again, Gary!

~Kyle R., Google+ Review, Portland, Oregon

My partner and I met with Gary many months ago. We had challenges on our credit, and Gary consulted with us, laid out our options and helped create a roadmap for us to get ourselves in the best position. It wasn’t immediate, but it was well worth the wait. We can attest that the benefit of working with Gary is his honest, directive guidance. He came through for us on many different levels, timing, interest rate, amount down… all were pleasant surprises. He listened to our needs and came back with a solution that would work for us. He coordinated with our realtor team in the sale and purchase of our new home.

In the middle of our process, we got nervous…and took the advice of our realtor who suggested we contact their lender (another lender) … That broker was “aggressively negative” about our situation. He said things like ” this would be impossible to fund… I don’t even know why you are calling me”.

We confessed to Gary that we had looked into another option because we were nervous… he talked us down… and fast forward two short months, we are now in our brand new home.

Our advice is…. if you are freaked out about buying a home due to challenges, you have to start somewhere. Get the information you need to point you in the right direction. Gary does that without judgment or hesitation. People buy houses all the time. You just need someone willing to put in the extra effort and take a little (sometimes a lot) longer with you. Gary is the guy for that!!

We can’t say enough great things about him. We are happy, our kids are happy and our dog is happy.

Thanks Gary!!!

~Brandon R., Facebook Review, Portland, Oregon

We had started to look at homes over a year ago as our family was growing, we had an agent that had sold us our current home over 7 years ago and decided to stick with him on the sale of the home and purchase of a larger home. Huge mistake, long story short he did nothing and then literally vanished leaving the sign in the yard and lock box still on the door. So we found a new agent, Chris, who was AMAZING. We also were having issues with our loan, not on our end but the banks. As with the agent we thought it would be easier to go through our current mortgage lender, Wells Fargo, another huge mistake! After more than 3 weeks we were still no where with the underwriters and had lost out on several opportunities because we didn’t have an approval letter in hand. That was when our agent said to get in touch with Gary Boyer. I emailed Gary, got all the paperwork he needed over (as I had all of it on hand from the madness of Wells Fargo), and he had an approval letter over in 24 hours!!! Amazed! How can one institution take so long and Gary was on it in no time!! After that it was smooth sailing. We put in an offer on our dream home and it was accepted. Now we have just closed this past Friday, have a tenant moving into our old home this next week, and couldn’t be happier. Anyone who has said anything about housing recently, I have said they NEED to call Chris and Gary! I am so thankful that Chris recommended Gary and if we are to purchase again in the future I will not hesitate for a second to call Gary up to do our next loan. Incredibly professional, fast and easily accessible. Gary was even great with calming my nerves as no matter how smooth a real estate transaction it will still stress you out. Again thank you a million Gary!

~Alison S., Google Review, Portland, Oregon

My husband and I bought our first home in September 2014. We did our due diligence researching lenders and we are so happy that we choose NW Mortgage Group to work with. Gary was amazing from start to finish. He was always available to answer questions, no matter how silly. He made us feel comfortable with such a huge step in our lives and he really took the time to help us educate ourselves as to what we were getting into. Besides being really good at his job, he is a wonderful person and a lot of fun to work with.

~Nikki M., Yelp Review, Portland, Oregon

I honestly can’t say enough great things about working with Gary. He is incredibly responsive, easy to work with, and truly looks out for the best interests of his clients. His advice was superb, and he gives a thoughtful, honest opinion without trying to sell you on anything. My fiancé and I worked with him to purchase our first house, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a home. I will definitely go back to him when it’s time to move up from our starter home.

~John C., Yelp Review, Portland, Oregon

Gary was fantastic to work with. I started talking to him months in advance of when we were thinking of buying a house, and he met with me whenever I needed questions answered, even though were were still a long way away from a concrete mortgage. When we finally started looking in earnest, he was on top of everything, and he helped us find a great mortgage that was uniquely suited to our needs.

~Cain R., Yelp Review, Portland, Oregon

Gary was an absolute pleasure to work with all throughout the home buying / financing process – a clear professional, he was on the ball every step of the way.
I cannot say enough about his responsiveness either. We were buying the home while still living in a different state (with a three hour time difference), and I could always count on hearing back on my emails in a timely manner, which was not only reassuring but also necessary to avoid delays in the whole process. Getting physical documents back and forth could have been painful, but Gary took care of it all (even setting up an appointment with a mobile notary to come to our home for signing).
I had a lot of questions as a first-time-buyer and I felt that he went out of his way to explain the process and answer my questions, all while never making me feel dumb.
Buying the home was stressful enough, so it was great that I never felt that I had to worry about the mortgage broker / financing end of things. I always felt that Gary was as concerned about making sure that everything was proceeding smoothly as we were. We closed on time and I know for sure that Gary hustled to make sure that happened.
If we ever buy another home here, I will certainly be calling Gary again.

~Angie’s List Member Review, Portland, Oregon

My husband and I bought our first home in September 2014. We did our due diligence researching lenders and we are so happy that we choose NW Mortgage Group to work with. Gary was amazing from start to finish. He was always available to answer questions, no matter how silly. He made us feel comfortable with such a huge step in our lives and he really took the time to help us educate ourselves as to what we were getting into. Besides being really good at his job, he is a wonderful person and a lot of fun to work with.

~Nicole G., Google Review, Portland, Oregon

I have been through 2 refinancing transactions with Gary and he is awesome!

He is always quick to respond to my emails and answered all of my annoying questions.

He explained our refi options and helped us choose the right one. He ended up saving us a bit of money on our monthly payment and got rid of our annoying mortgage insurance.

I will recommend Gary to anyone that needs to buy or refinance a home.

~Joel B., Yelp Review, Portland, Oregon

Gary is an advocate for the consumer who needs direction and hand-holding in the mortgage arena. Who doesn’t in this lending environment? He is professional, knowledgable and easy to work with. I appreciate his warmth and sense of humor. My husband and I had nothing but a positive experience working with Mr. Boyer. I would recommend him without hesitation! ~

BBB Review, Stephanie M., Portland, Oregon

Calling my credit history challenging is being polite. For too polite. It was awful. Gary took the time to sit with me and look it over. He gave it a pretty thorough review. He gave me advice and pointers on how to get some of the older reports corrected or updated, as well as strategies to attack the current issues. His years of experience became obvious very quickly. He knew what the lenders were going to look for and what I should tackle first, and what was going to be a long term project. He also helped with solutions for getting me back on track to having a good credit rating and not just purchasing a house. For the help with the credit alone it was all worth it. But to have come out the other side with my first home, which could not be happier with, is like icing on an already delicious cake. I could not recommend him higher, and wish I give give him and his co-workers more than 5 stars. They would be well deserved.

~Yelp Review by Dan F. Milwaukee, OR

Having just worked with Gary on a challenging short-sale purchase, I am now convinced that he’s the best in the business. The closing process was chaotic and confusing to me, but I knew that I was in good hands with Gary and that he would get me across the finish line.

Gary is super organized, passionate about helping people accomplish their goals, and patient with buyers like me who need to be guided through the process. I should also note that he’s more than a mortgage officer–he’s a strategist who will listen to your ideas about real estate and offer his honest feedback and advice.

Last but not least, he got me a killer rate. Thanks Gary!

~Yelp Review by Jonathan F., Portland, OR

Could not have asked for a more professional, friendly, competent guy. Working with Gary was a dream. He’s not only organized, but relaxed…this is important since underwriters are anything but relaxed–by the time they ask for your fifth grade report card and want a letter as to why you dropped physics 101 in college, you want to pull your hair out. Somehow Gary made all those last minute requests from the underwriter easy, simple and “don’t sweat it.” He closed our loan in a few weeks and made the entire experience a good one. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an advocate that knows their way around the mortgage arena. Just a wonderful human being to work with!

~Stephanie R.’s Google Review, Portland, Oregon

Having just worked with Gary on a challenging short-sale purchase, I’m convinced that he’s the best in the business. The closing process was chaotic and confusing to me, but I knew that I was in good hands with Gary and that he would get me across the finish line. Gary is super organized, passionate about helping people accomplish their goals, and patient with buyers like me who need to be guided through the process. I should also note that he’s more than a mortgage officer–he’s a strategist who will listen to your ideas and offer his honest feedback and advice. Thanks Gary!

-Google Review by Jonathan F., Portland, OR

Mortgage Whisperer. Gary is the Mortgage Whisperer. We were first time homebuyers and Gary was so great at explaining everything in a way we could understand…. never made us feel self conscious about what we could afford, walked us through purchasing a house together without being married…. and he was jokes and smiles the whole way! Would recommend him 100%.

Yelp Review by Caitlin M., Portland, OR

Gary made the entire process flow smoothly and efficiently. After pre qualification I never had a doubt Gary would get me the best loan possible. I learned a lot working w Gary and now know and understand all the criteria for my next purchase. Kudos to his team —

Yelp Review by Bob G

Gary Boyer was beyond amazing. I came to him from a really incompetent loan officer at my own Chase bank, who was so inept that I ended up walking out of the signing during the closing of the loan (I am actually not very picky and I really needed to refinance to improve my cash flow, but there are limits to everything…)

A friend hearing about my woes recommended Gary and at this point the ugly refinancing story turned into a really good one. Gary and his assistant Kendra were an example of how things should be done, but are never done any more. Well, I found an exception!

I have quite an unconventional situation to begin with – a recent widow, not working at the moment and being supported primarily by the Trust. Given my situation and the very high stringency of the lending process today, there was little hope for me to refinance my rental property. Chase, my own bank, who was my original lender could offer only HARP for refinancing, which would not allow combining home equity loan with the mortgage. The primary reason was my source of income.

Gary originally did not promise much, but asked to analyze my financial situation. He asked for a lot of documents! Long story short, Gary suggested that I refinance both my rental property and my primary residence. He said it was possible and it actually happened. The interest rates were great, the Heloc could be combined into the mortgage and my cash flow is now improved dramatically. Seems like a magic and I suspect many other Gary’s clients have similar experiences.
Gary was extremely prompt, kind and very professional. It was beyond pleasure to work with him. World needs more Garys!

– Yelp review from Stella V., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer is the real MVP. My husband and I, like most people, came to him with a dream and a goal but were dragging behind us a wagon of past credit flaws.

While the road was long, we got there and as of yesterday, officially own our first home together! This is a big deal for us. Like, a real big deal. We’re thrilled and are so happy with our choice to go with Gary Boyer as our mortgage broker. Gary and his whole team, helped this all come together.
He got married and went on his (European!) honeymoon while my husband and I were actively looking at homes – and once we found “the one”, his team responded so quickly and accurately in Gary’s absence- it’s like he wasn’t even gone. That’s huge, as it’s always scary when someone you are depending heavily on will be out of the office for an extended amount of time, especially when you’re trying to call DIBS on a house. The transition was flawless and while the process as a whole wasn’t (at no fault of Gary or his team) – overall we are SO happy and thrilled to be able to sleep under a roof we’ll be paying off for the next 30 years.

THANK YOU to Gary Boyer and his whole team!

-Yelp Review from Court T., Oregon City, Oregon

Gary and his team are absolutely top notch! I contacted Gary in mid July and we are all moved in by mid November, even with big credit obstacles! Gary made the process easy and relaxing, even though I am sure he was dealing with a lot of problem solving on my behalf on his end. If you are thinking of buying a home, definitely connect with Gary.

-Yelp Review from Annette K., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer (Mortgage Monkey) of Guild Mortgage Company got me fair, favorable financing and took care of all of the details along the way. He handled all of the arcane, infinite requirements, kept on top of all of them, kept me informed and made the project virtually seamless.

In a process like that you hope for the best and expect much worse. I hoped for the best and Gary Boyer delivered.

-Google Review by Gene M., Portland, OR

Where to begin….Well my wife and I hit a financial rough patch in 2007 and ended up giving our home back to the bank. In our ignorance we filed CH 13 bankruptcy to deal with the mounting debt and assumed we lost the house. We found out years later that we could of kept our home in CH13.

This is how we found out….. Three years into CH 13 around 2010 we attempted to qualify for home purchase only to find out that we still owned our home? it was not part of the CH13 bankruptcy. The home was in limbo because we had never finalized or forced the lender to take the home back. Even though it is listed in the CH 13 it is not the same as unsecured credit, duh. This was a pretty big setback to find out we could not buy a home and we could not do anything with the home we still owned as the foreclosure process was not complete. Check your credit report even if you don’t have credit!

Timing is everything………To purchase a home during foreclosure and bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is 3 years and a completed foreclosure is the same I think. So the clock started once the home completed the foreclosure process ~ 2010 and 3 years after the bankruptcy.

Fast forward to end of summer 2013 – We are now looking at homes and preparing to take the next step and get qualified for loan. To our total disappointment we are denied for loan with multiple lenders due to CH13 and foreclosure. Now we are completely discouraged and having a little pity party, wine pairs well. My beautiful wife asks me to make one more phone call. She found this website with a monkey on it and likes what she reads. Not being too thrilled about airing out my dirty laundry to another stranger I decide to make one last call to the Gary Boyer the mortgage monkey.

Gary and I chatted on the phone that Friday evening for a good 30 min. We schedule a visit to his office and within a week we had a plan to get us qualified for a home loan. Due to the timing of the foreclosure and bankruptcy and a few other items I was un aware of, Gary predicted it would be another 6months before we could take that next step and be home owners again.

Fast forward 6 months. I shoot Gary an email and with his prompt reply and recollection of our situation we were taking the next step and getting prequalified.

We purchased our home in the summer of 2014. This would not of been possible without Gary helping us navigate through the financial mess that we created. The mortgage monkey was the last call I was willing to make almost one year earlier and because of his attentiveness, care and knowledge Gary provided us we are home owners. And we have the home that we always wanted, zero compromise.

And I could keep going because it didn’t end with getting qualified. The mortgage monkey guided us through some of the potential pit falls of home purchase. He got us in touch with the best realtor and educated us on so many home buying and home owning items. So I will always be grateful to my wife for knowing we were not done trying and Gary for recognizing we could buy a home with some work and a little bit of patience.

Gary Boyer goes above and beyond and that is why we have a home today.



Gary wasn’t my primary broker; I already had a mortgage broker lined up and ready to go, but I felt I need a quick double check on a few things. So I reached out to a few people, all of whom were very nice, but Gary took it an extra level by providing some details that made me feel confident I had chosen my original broker wisely. That level of customer service is amazingly hard to find!

~Yelp review from Adam K., Portland, Oregon


We were looking for private investors for our remodeling business and I looked up Gary. Although he wasn’t able to help us as we did not match each other’s criteria, he was very professional and courteous on the phone and would have been great to work with. I usually only write reviews for places or people I have received service from but sometimes there is someone who leaves an impression on me and he was one of them! Surprisingly we also have the same last name!

~Andrea F. Beaverton, Oregon


Gary just helped my family score our dream home with a mortgage rate that I thought was impossibly low. I always thought mortgage brokers were unnecessary middlemen who just added cost…..that is until I met Gary Boyer. He guided us through the process, quickly and easily. We are still amazed at the rate he got us. The loan itself is unbelievably good. Do yourself a favor and use Gary Boyer for your next refinance or home purchase. In the world of mortgages, Gary is the THE MAN.

~Yelp Review from Gregory W., Portland, Oregon


Gary knows what he’s doing and I’d imagine there isn’t a mortgage scenario out there that he hasn’t worked with at some point. If he tells you something will happen–it will, so you should just quite worrying, shut up and trust him and enjoy the process. We wanted to buy a home without selling the one we were in first, as we didn’t want to be homeless. We knew in this market it would take a while for us to find a house we liked. I’d been told we’d need to sell the house first in order to be able to make an offer on another, but Gary showed us a way around that and it all worked out quite nicely. We found the home we really wanted, and THEN listed the home we’d been in.
Gary is calm, timely, cheerful, and supportive of the community. I heartily recommend him and I would work with him again. You should too.

~Yelp Review from Christopher H., Portland, Oregon


Gary helps make your dreams come true!

My wife and I are first time home owners due to the hard work that Gary did for us. We were also planning our wedding at the same time as buying a house. He kept the process going without over burdening us, so that we could focus on our wedding plans. He worked extremely hard to expedite the process so that we could get the house before the wedding. Allowing me to move in and prep the house a few weeks before my new wife would move in.

I would recommend Gary to anyone that is looking for house or to refinance one.

~Yelp Review from Ryan F., Woodburn, Oregon

Gary was a joy to work with during this process.  From our first meeting, I felt like I’d known him for years.  First of all, he truly listened to what I wanted & needed.  During the process, he was always quick to answer questions, and provide education to a 1st time home buyer like myself.  When I finally had an accepted offer, he calmed me down when I started to feel like I couldn’t breathe!  Most importantly, he got me into the home I wanted within the budget and tricky time frame I needed.  I would happily recommend Gary and his entire team!

~Yelp Review from Amy P., Portland, Oregon

Following Gary from Northwest Mortgage to Directors Mortgage in the middle of my loan application process was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  There are some people who you instinctively know to follow on their path through life and Gary is certainly one of them.  I don’t think there’s any higher praise I can give him than to say that without his help and guidance I wouldn’t be in possession of a home today.

~Yelp Review from Alexie B., Portland, Oregon

My husband and I decided to buy our first home together, but we wanted to make good decisions, so we started with the financial end first.

Gary was fantastic from the start. He was friendly and frank with us about how to tune up our credit rating and where we stood financially. I felt confident that he always had things handled on his end of the deal. And he was always responsive and willing to answer any questions we had. And I had a lot of questions!

Things went a little haywire with our lender on closing day, but Gary had the situation in hand and got everything handled first thing the next morning. We closed, we moved in, everything is golden. Plus he got us a better interest rate than I expected.

I highly recommend Gary, without hesitation.

~Yelp Review from Jean B., Portland, Oregon

Gary is thorough, reliable and very responsive.  He and his team make clients feel like family.
I would recommend his services to anyone.

~Yelp Review from Peggy D., Portland, Oregon

Gary and his team provided top-rate service through the whole process. They were willing to answer all our questions, they kept us up to date on what was happening, and made the process easy. Gary had a solution to every situation and obstacle, and went the extra mile to keep our mortgage on track. If you need a mortgage, refi, or just have questions, Gary is the only person to talk to!

~Google+ Review from Mike M., Portland, Oregon

We have followed Gary through a few different transitions with different companies and have never considered using anyone else. Over the last 3 years, Gary and his team (Go Kendra!) have made both a refinance and a new home purchase as simple and seamless as these type of transactions can be. They are always readily available and are great at covering each other day or night so that someone is always able to answer questions and ease minds. Gary truly brings that human touch and caring spirit into a part of the money world that normally does not feel that way.

~Google+ Review from Gina D., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer and his team are fantastic! They made the lending process a breeze. They were clear on what they needed for the loan. A perfect balance of hospitality and professionalism. Highly recommended!

~Google+ Review from Ken P., Portland, Oregon

It takes a good 6 months after financing or refinancing to breathe deeply and appreciate that it has been done and reflect on the experience. Lisa and I have had Gary work with us twice and it is a phenomenal amount of details that he is excellent in directing attention through and obstacles to overcome. I believe that twice he made daunting and difficult scenarios bearable in a respectful and sympathetic manner while being the best coach and advocate to be honest in understanding what is involved and how to ensure it is the best approach for your needs.

~Google+ Review from J. Grab, Portland, Oregon

I worked with Gary and his assistant, Kendra, and they were both fantastic.  They make the tough job of financing and refinancing as smooth and painless as possible, and get us great rates too!!!!  They also help in educating their clients with information that will help with financing in the future and that is a great plus.  I refer them often!

~Yelp Review from Lynda Mueller, Oregon City, OR

Great experience! My partner and I are both self-employed which made the home buying process overwhelming. Gary met with us a year before we were ready to buy a home to help us understand what we would need financially to make this a reality. When the time came his team was efficient and easy to work with. When we found our house he and his team worked hard to keep us on track for closing despite the extra paperwork needed due to being self employed. Highly recommend!

~Yelp Review from Karen D., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer and his team are awesome! He really cares about his clients.

Besides Gary being a great guy, he knows what he’s doing. It’s so nice to be confident in your lender and also like working with him.

I would recommend him for sure!

~Yelp Review from Heather E., Portland, Oregon

I used Gary Boyer to finance the purchase of my first home. My experience with him was fantastic. I had no Knowledge or experience or even an idea where to begin. He patiently explained all of the aspects and nuances involved. He was helpful and available throughout the whole process.
About a year later interest rates dropped and Gary advised me that it was a good time to refinance. I work overseas at least half of the year and at that time I was abroad and would only be home for a brief period of time at Christmas. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to refinance and essentially miss the boat on the low rates. Gary went above and beyond and worked tirelessly to get everything in order so that all I had to do was make one office visit to sign in the brief period while I was home.
His dedication, expertise, and genuine concern for me as a client truly impressed me. I would highly recommend him to a friend, which to me is the ultimate test.

~Yelp Review from Dru D., Portland, Oregon

Gary has helped on both a refinance and most recently a new mortgage for a 2nd home.  He exceeded our expectations on both transactions.  Gary is a superb communicator, very friendly and knowledgeable and went way out his way to help and explain every question we had for him.  I highly recommend him and will most certainly use him again in the future.

~Yelp Review from Jacob A., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer and his team are life changers in my family’s book! My parents got into an awful deal with a local small mortgage lender back in 2005. Their house was in need of repairs and in order to make any improvements, they needed to refinance. I did not think it was possible for them to get out from under their existing mortgage and take advantage of the lower interest rates because of the condition the house was in and their only income was social security. I wanted to help my parents, but I did not know where to begin. When I read all of Gary’s great reviews it really helped me make the call.
Gary was reassuring and encouraging right from the beginning through to the very end of a difficult refinance. His positive attitude and wealth of knowledge was so helpful and because of that we never lost hope. My parents’ refinance was approved and it is 100% because of Gary and his team going above and beyond to help! Although I don’t have much experience in refinancing, I am sure other mortgage companies would have given up at first glance of my parents’ situation. 5 big huge stars for Gary! He has a kind and caring heart and his knowledge is vast…a very rare quality these days in the business world! My family will always be grateful for Gary and his outstanding team!

~Yelp Review from Rebecca B., Portland, Oregon

Gary helped us with our first home buying experience, and we felt very well taken care of! Gary went beyond expectations in order to help us with all of the ins and outs of buying a home. We are very appreciative of Gary’s work for us, and we will definitely be happy to work with him again when the time comes.
~Google Review from Arnaud P., Portland, Oregon
Great experience! My partner and I are both self-employed which made the home buying process overwhelming. Gary met with us a year before we were ready to buy a home to help us understand what we would need financially to make this a reality. When the time came his team was efficient and easy to work with. When we found our house he and his team worked hard to keep us on track for closing despite the extra paperwork needed due to being self employed. Highly recommend!
~Google Review from Karen D., Portland, Oregon
I have been working with Gary for many years. He has helped with the purchase of homes and refinancing of a home. I lost my partner 4 years ago and didn’t know if I would be able to keep our home. Gary not only, got the refinancing done to lower my payments, he helped keep my mental state in check. I have just completed the purchase of another home, with Gary and his awesome teams help. I know I can count on Gary to be there when it comes time to purchase, refinance or just to contact with any questions in between times. He’s ALWAYS there for his clients. I definitely recommend calling Gary!
~Google Review from Steve H., Aloha, Oregon

I’ve been through the mortgage process a few times, and Gary Boyer is one of the best. From the first time I contacted him about pre-qualification, to the days after close of escrow, he was always quick to respond, thorough, accurate, and reliable. At every step of the process, he laid out all of the options and even took the extra step of doing the math to show us, long-term, which would be the best for us.

When little things went wrong that were no fault of his, he nonetheless jumped it to get it fixed.
For instance, we lost our pre-qual letter just as we were putting in an offer, and emailed him on a Sunday to get another one. He sent it within a few minutes so we didn’t miss our deadline. Also, there was a problem with the appraisal company that was totally not his fault and completely out of his control, but he got involved anyway and got all of the documents in on time. Finally, we had to close escrow long-distance and he made sure there was enough time built in to ship documents back and forth.

Basically, he promised us that we would close escrow on time and at the interest rate we wanted, and he completely delivered on that promise.

He and his assistant Kendra were both great to work with, and Directors Mortgage has an excellent reputation. My realtor was very happy to hear that I was working with them, and so was the seller’s realtor. Highly recommended.

~Amy S., Eureka, California
The best! After receiving  refinancing offers in the mail from several different companies  I decided to contact Gary to see if it would be worth it.  He helped me consolidated an energy efficiency loan and lowered both my interest and payment. His team made it so easy. They answered any and all questions I had quickly and  made me feel confident about my decision. I also trust that had it NOT  been advantageous for me to refinance  they would have been honest with  me as well. I would recommend them to anyone.
~Kim D., Portland, Oregon

Gary & Kendra restored my faith in mortgage companies. I lost a property do to the lack of urgency by a previous mortgage company. So when I went searching for another property I ditched that previous mortgage company and switched to Gary Boyer. Gary was always available no matter the day or time. The same can be said for Kendra. They made process enjoyable.

~Tracy H., Portland, Oregon

Gary and kendra made my home buying experiance seem so easy! I wold recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a new home. I had a somewhat complex situation and kendra worked through it so professionally! Love this group!

~Jaime W., Portland, Oregon

For my wife and I, buying a home in Portland in 2015 was an often frustrating experience. However, Gary Boyer and his team were consistently outstanding to work with. We initially met with Gary nearly a year before we began making offers, and immediately found him to be knowledgeable, forthcoming, and patient. Gary provided us with sound, reliable advice for how to begin the process of buying a home, and continued to do so at every step along the way.

As we got closer to buying our home, we encountered difficulty with realtors, inspectors, and contractors, but Gary remained our one trusted ally throughout. His reliability and approachability were a much welcome contrast to that of the other “professionals” that we worked with.

We would, without hesitation, recommend Gary Boyer and his team to anyone buying a home in the Portland area.

~Matt G., Portland, Oregon

Gary and his fabulous team are true professionals and such a joy to work with. I am a first time home buyer who though the odds were against me. They showed me the way to not only own my first home but that it was easy and I AM IN CONTROL! I could not be more pleased and will continue to work with the Mortgage Monkey! My hero!

~Pamee L., Gresham, Oregon

Gary Boyer and his team at Director’s Mortgage are incredible! I am closing on my new home today, thanks to Gary and his team, and Chris Dorr, the realtor that Gary recommended. From start to finish, the financing process was stress-free. Okay, I made my own stress, but Gary and his team helped triage and prevent my melt downs. Buying a house, especially in this market, it simply crazy. I went to Director’s Mortgage prior to looking for a house. I wanted to get pre-approved. I met with Gary and discussed my options, my down payment, credit, etc. Gary and his team had me pre-qualified within 24 hours. Gary broke down what I would need for 5% down, closing, appraisal, inspection, etc. With Gary’s help, I knew exactly what I could afford. That was a huge hurdle. It helped my realtor, Chris, as well. He didn’t try to steer me toward listings I could not afford.

Avoid the hassle of the big, anonymous banks and credit unions. Use a mortgage broker and get the hands-on, personalized service that makes the home buying process so much easier. I have used a big bank with my other home; took 60 days to close. They kept losing my paperwork. Before you do any mortgage shopping, talk with Gary and his team first. It’s worth the hour, and the consult is free.

~Angie’s List Review, Portland, Oregon

I came to Gary and his team wanting to refinance my home. From the get go, Gary was quick to respond and made the process so easy. We were able to do the whole thing online, which was super helpful since I didn’t necessarily have time to go into their office. My loan processor was readily available via phone and email. She also took the time to explain the items in the process that I didn’t fully understand. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage broker and I plan to use them again the next time around.

 ~Alisa S., Portland, Oregon

Gary and his team are the best there is, hands down. Knowing the fast pace that real estate moves in the current market, they don’t waste any time and are always there. My husband and I have used Gary for multiple transactions over the years and we have only kind words to say about him. I ask a lot of questions, most of the time about possibilities that don’t come to fruition. I know he’s busy but he makes time for my questions and makes me feel like we are his only client. Gary and his team are amazing and we can’t imagine using anyone else.

~Maria D., Portland, Oregon

Words cannot express how great it was working with Gary and Kendra! They were the most pleasant people to deal with and went to bat for us several times, no matter the time of day (or night!). He works very hard on your behalf and makes you feel like you are his only client. I can’t speak highly enough about Gary and his team. The home buying process can be a very complicated and stressful one, but Gary and his team made sure we were at ease and that everything went as smoothly as possible. Please give him a call if you are thinking about starting the home buying process. He will work with you every step of the way.

~Christy W., Portland, Oregon

This is the second time I have used Gary to help finance another home. I will never go through another mortgage broker EVER! Not only are his rates competitive, his staff are top notch…Gary gets things done. I was gong to be out of the country for three weeks around the time of the closing doing a medical mission in a third world country outside of modern technology. I had to move up the closing date and Gary and his staff worked their tails off to make the magic happen. I am indebted. I needed to be handled with kid gloves through this second purchase and Gary helped get me through some difficult times. I enjoy his calm demeanor, his love of classic cars and his genuine compassion and care for his clients! There is no better

~Michael K., Portland, Oregon

Gary and his team jumped through hoops to make it possible for my partner and I to purchase the home we wanted! We so appreciate all of the work they put in to make our goal achievable and they guided us every step of the way! My realtors were also very impressed with the assistance and great communication that Gary provided. Thank you!

~Aslin K., Portland, Oregon

I came to Gary and his team wanting to refinance my home. From the get go, Gary was quick to respond and made the process so easy. We were able to do the whole thing online, which was super helpful since I didn’t necessarily have time to go into their office. My loan processor was readily available via phone and email. She also took the time to explain the items in the process that I didn’t fully understand. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage broker and I plan to use them again the next time around.

~Alisa S., Portland, Oregon

Gary was so honest and helpful, he actually gave the the straight scoop and talked himself out of a commission because he said refinancing might not be the best option for me.

~Less S., Portland, Oregon

Gary isn’t a mortgage broker. He’s a friend. That’s how you feel after working with Gary. I approached Gary and told him what was going on and what I wanted to buy. Gary advised me on what he would do if he were me and it felt like solid advice. When obstacles presented themselves Gary was always available and often times talked me down to feel like the situation wasn’t so bleak.
My home buying process was unique for a series of reasons but Gary made the process happen smoothly and educated me along the way.
Thanks Gary.

~Brian B., Portland, Oregon

We had such a positive experience the first time we worked with Gary to refinance our condo, there was no question who we would turn to when we sold our condo and bought our home. Our realtor had suggested someone else, but, we insisted that we would use Gary. We worked mostly with Kendra, Gary’s assistant, and she was great, babysitting us thru the whole process. We were quickly pre-approved, they quickly let us know what we needed, got us a great rate, answering questions promptly, and kept us on track. The best part about working with this team, is that they are always available, never making us feel like we were ever put on hold.

If you are refinancing, first-time buyers, buying a new home, call Gary Boyer!

~Judi H., Portland, Oregon

Gary is amazing and he will do everything he can to advocate for his clients and make a stressful experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. He also has a great team of people who work for/with him. This is the third time I have gone to Gary to finance my homes and I have been very happy each time. I can’t imagine a better mortgage broker in Portland and would recommend him to anyone and everyone. It is too bad that not every city has a Gary!!!

~Barbara S., Portland, Oregon

When my husband and I moved back to Portland and decided to buy a home, Gary was the first person we called. He helped us understand out finances before we even started looking for a home. Once we did finally start looking with our real estate agent, Gary was always available via text when I quickly needed a loan approval on a home. He responded to me within minutes even on the weekends and evenings. He was so helpful in our process and I would recommend him without hesitation.

~Melissa E., Portland, Oregon

We did not hesitate to contact Gary to help us again in March. The process was seamless , response time was quick, and everything was done either through email, their website or by phone. Gary and his team were wonderful; Kendra was great in guiding us through the process. We have recommended Gary and his team to family and all experiences have been positive. Our mortgage broker for life! Thank you!

~Lynn J., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer and his team at Director’s Mortgage are incredible! I am closing on my new home today, thanks to Gary and his team, and Chris Dorr, the realtor that Gary recommended. From start to finish, the financing process was stress-free. Okay, I made my own stress, but Gary and his team helped triage and prevent my melt downs. Buying a house, especially in this market, it simply crazy. I went to Director’s Mortgage prior to looking for a house. I wanted to get pre-approved. I met with Gary and discussed my options, my down payment, credit, etc. Gary and his team had me pre-qualified within 24 hours. Gary broke down what I would need for 5% down, closing, appraisal, inspection, etc. With Gary’s help, I knew exactly what I could afford. That was a huge hurdle. It helped my realtor, Chris, as well. He didn’t try to steer me toward listings I could not afford.

Avoid the hassle of the big, anonymous banks and credit unions. Use a mortgage broker and get the hands-on, personalized service that makes the home buying process so much easier. I have used a big bank with my other home; took 60 days to close. They kept losing my paperwork. Before you do any mortgage shopping, talk with Gary and his team first. It’s worth the hour, and the consult is free.

~Angie’s List Review., Portland, Oregon

Gary and team did a fantastic job for us when buying our new house recently. We’ve used them in the past for a previous home purchase and a refinance – each time they have exceeded our expectations. Can’t imagine working with anyone else!

~Jillian H., Portland, Oregon

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…is all my husband and I can say to Gary Boyer and his entire team. After gratefully accepting a position at OHSU my husband and I (within two months) sold our home in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Portland scared to death we would have a hard time purchasing a home so fast. We signed a short 6-month lease on a Portland waterfront apartment (paying a small fortune in rent) just knowing we would probably have to extend the lease longer and guess what?? — we not only found a home within 2 months of moving to Portland but; thanks to Gary Boyer and his team, we were able to secure the financing we desperately needed to buy the home. Tomorrow Thursday, July 27th we move into that beautiful home and we are so thankful. During the entire process Gary Boyer and his team made the entire loan process seem painless and stress free. They met with us regularly and guided us through all of the paperwork and deadlines never once making us feel pressured or stressed. They even answered all of my stupid questions time after time again…lol. Making me feel at ease. We would (and will) recommend Gary Boyer and his team at Directors Mortgage to anyone looking for an honest, friendly and reputable mortgage broker. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…you made our dreams come true and gave us peace of mind when we needed it most!~ Sincerely, Tracy Bruce Wright and Aaron T. Mendes

~Tracy Bruce Wright and Aaron T. Mendes, Portland, Oregon.

This was our first home purchase and it was with new construction. The process took MUCH longer than expected because of building delays but Gary Boyer and his team at Directors Mortgage walked us through the entire process smoothly, clearly, and very professionally. They had to gather some of our information again because too much time had passed and were patient and explained everything along the way for us. We cannot say enough how happy we are that Gary and Directors Mortgage was who we worked with and we will most certainly recommend them to anyone looking for Mortgage services. Thank you so much for all the work you put in and help you gave getting us into our home.

~Jobriath Morgan, Portland, Oregon

I just can’t say enough about Gary. The moment I walked into his office I felt like a member of the family. He was immediately interested and invested in my needs. Half the time was spent discussing my past and my future goals. Impressive!! He covered all my options with clarity and in great detail. He stayed in touch through the entire process, keeping me up to speed on what to expect next and ensuring all my questions were answered. When you make a large, potentially life changing decision, it’s good to have people who are looking out for your best interest. Gary is one of those people! Thank you Gary “Mortgage Monkey” Boyer!!

~Curtis Black, Portland, Oregon

I was referred to Gary from a friend and feel very lucky that I was.Gary and his team are 100% top notch and make the home buying experience seamless. I work in the construction field and was working out of town a lot during the process and when I had a question after hours Gary would respond every time. Gary truly puts his clients first and I would highly recommend using Gary and his team!!

~Patrick Doherty, Portland, Oregon

The short version? Gary Boyer and his team made what could have been a nail-biting process – moving from ATX to PDX – smooth, fast, and even fun!

The longer version? The brave and intrepid Gary Boyer and his brilliant team were recommended to me by Deb Counts-Tabor, our buyer’s agent. We were planning a move from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon, and not only needed financing, we needed someone who knew the market, and who could provide insight as well as help us find the financing we needed.

It was no small thing for Gary and his team (special shout-out to calm and gracious Kendra) to actually make this slightly OCD worry-wart feel assured and comfortable while lining up funding, sharing his insights into the market, and just plain doing a brilliant job of making this the most pleasant, smooth, and (dare I say it?) fun experience imaginable. If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Portland, call him!!!

~Lori W., Portland, Oregon

I needed to get some money out of my home equity to pay for medical expenses, and I thought that a cash-out refinance would be the right way to go. Based on his Yelp reviews, I contacted Gary on a weekend via email. Not only did he respond on the weekend, but he followed up first thing Monday, and by about Wednesday, after reviewing my needs and current mortgage, he suggested that the best thing for me to do was to get a HELOC from Key Bank rather than spending a lot of money on a refinance. It is this kind of honesty and sincerity that makes me believe in people. Thanks, Gary. Your recommendation of Ashley at Key Bank was great – she is very fast and professional. I’d refer you to any friend or neighbor for an honest quote.

~Olivia P., Portland, Oregon

My experience with Gary and his team was absolutely flawless. After my own bank turned me down, I did some searching for a local mortgage broker who was to be my last resort in trying to purchase a home. Turns out I should have gone with him first! With the FIRST email, I knew everything was going to be just fine. He had some ideas on how to make it work, including one I had never heard of and was just exactly what I needed to get the mortgage. And the process was just about as painless as it gets: one office visit, a handful of emails, a few papers signed.

And now, I am a first-time home buyer, a goal I have been working towards for the last 10 years, and it would not have been possible without Gary and his entire team of hard-working professionals. I would recommend that, if you are reading these reviews to see what everyone else says, you stop right now and contact him. You’ve found what you are looking for.

~Nathan S., Portland, Oregon

We just closed on our house and Gary and his team made the process of buying a house easier than I had ever expected. Everything went very smoothly. We were on a very tight timeline and Gary said he could make it happen, he kept his word and we closed exactly when he promised. He and his team are extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him and his team to everyone who is on process of buying a house.

Habi and family.

~Habi, Beaverton, Oregon

Gary and his team were incredibly helpful, communicative and informative, every step of the way. Even though we encountered a few unforeseen difficulties throughout our financing process, and Gary and Kendra were unwavering in their help and encouragement, and got everything pushed through on time. Highly recommend.

Kelly Alwin, Portland, Oregon

Great service from Gary and his team throughout the process. I was the second-highest bidder on my house and part of the reason they chose me over the top bidder was that the listing agent knew and liked Gary.

Becca Lee, Portland, Oregon

I thought I didn’t have much of a chance of buying my house. Single person, single income, Gary and Kendra made my dream a reality. They are both so patient and calm, and I can’t say I was the same. They made my home buying process smooth. I can’t recommend them enough and wouldn’t hesitate to make a appointment to talk to Gary today. He can work with many challenges. He will let you know exactly what efforts you need to take to make your dream a reality. He DOES know his stuff!! Thanks, Gary and Kendra!!!

Susan Neal, Portland, Oregon

Gary is the best! He’s an excellent communicator, a caring, accomplished broker and all around great guy. I had a semi-urgent request over a holiday weekend and Gary took the time to return my call within just a few hours rather than waiting until the next business day. But I am most grateful for his help in arranging an appraisal in time to meet a tight closing date. There was no “wiggle room” because I had airline reservations that couldn’t be postponed one business day after the scheduled closing date. He worked some kind of mortgage broker magic to accomplish this. His and his associate Jessica’s diligence and tenacity made all the difference. I highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking a mortgage.

Maryann L, Portland, Oregon

Gary is amazing. He has now helped us with seamlessly purchasing 2 homes and with a refi. He is knowledgable and provides great insight which has been a huge help. He always surprises us with how accessible he is. On several occasions i emailed him very late, not expecting a response until the next day and he responded almost immediately with either an answer or an acknowledgement of my message. We will absolutely use him in the future when the need arises and would highly recommend him.

Nikki G, Portland, Oregon

Gary and his team did a great job for us! We have 27 years of excellent credit and this is the third home we’ve purchased yet I suspect we were some of the most demanding clients that Gary and his team have had. We moved from out of state this summer when home prices were escalating daily and houses were selling the same day they went on the market for tens of thousands over asking price. We put offers on 6 different homes and for each home we’d ask Gary’s teams to run multiple scenarios so that we’d know what we could afford and offer. Gary and his team consistently delivered. We are now living in a lovely Portland home, thanks to Gary. He is, without a doubt, the best mortgage broker we’ve ever had. Julia & Eric

Susan Riber, Portland, Oregon

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Gary and his team. From start to finish, they provided expert, genuine, low-pressure, personal and friendly help. They made me feel like they had my back, that they were always there to answer my questions and that I could be (and ultimately was) confident in the decisions I had to make to purchase a home. The Portland housing market is so crazy and competitive, do yourself a favor and let this part of the process be easy – work with Gary and his team.

Jes R., Portland, Oregon

Gary and Kendra are the absolute best and make the whole home buying experience very easy. Thank you both for all of your hard work! It is very much appreciated

Leslie C., Portland, Oregon

Gary and Kendra were wonderful. The 2016 presidential election occurred during the process of buying our home. Despite interest rates increasing rapidly as well as a personal loss, Gary ensured our loan interest remained as promised. He is a man of his word. Kendra kept us in the loop whenever we had questions. We had no issues getting our appraisal done on time (this can be an issue in Portland). We even got a nice housewarming gift! Thanks so much Gary and Kendra!

Julie P., Portland, Oregon

Five-star recommendation without a question. We’ve used Gary multiple times, for a refi, for an investment home purchase. He and his team are everything you could want for these transactions: always reachable and responsive, always on top of things and moving them forward. These transactions always have a lot of moving parts, and Gary and his team handle things with flying colors!

David B., Portland, Oregon

Nothing but great things to say about the service we received from Gary. I would highly recommend.

Adam W., Clackamas, Oregon

Gary, Kendra and Jessica were amazing to work with. From the moment we walked into Gary’s office we felt like he was really taking the time to understand who we were and what we needed. We needed a preapproval ASAP and he delivered. Once our offer was excepted we had a very small window of time to get the financing. He and his team worked nonstop to make it happen. They were always available for questions, concerns and generally helping us understand the process. This is our second time buying a home and it was thousands of times easier than our previous experience. Even though it was a breakneck pace trying to get it done, we felt like we were in great hands with Gary and his team.

Nikita M., Portland, Oregon

Gary and his team are awesome! They have done multiple loans for us over the years and some of those loans weren’t exactly simple. Gary is very smart and savvy, as he is able to see things from many angles; and come up with more than one solution. His team always responds in a timely manner and they do things right the first time. Just awesome!

Barry W., West Linn, Oregon

Gary and his staff do a wonderful job! They are friendly, efficient and helpful. Gary is very knowledgeable and eager to serve his clients. I had an easy and stress free experience buying my condo.

Caroline M., Northeast Portland, Oregon

Gary, you and your team are outstanding! This was a difficult home purchase but your experience, professionalism and knowledge made it happen for my family.

We are now happy home owners once again and my family is so happy. I cannot say enough good things about this team of mortgage brokers.

I would recommend to anyone needing a great team to help them obtain their home to choose you and your team.

Tod S., North Bend, Oregon

Veterans, Retirees, 1st time homebuyers and Senior Citizens, I was all of the above, and throw in ‘clueless’. Gary helped me buy a home when all I had was a wing and a prayer. From the handshake, when I met him, to signing the closing papers, Gary and his team made this process, very easy. He sent me a list of ‘do’s and dont’s’, which I followed. everytime there was a new question, he explained immediately. His team was always available and follow-up was not pushy, but was done with courtesy. I honestly, would not have this house without him and his team. I am on a fixed income, I have student loans and debts and to top it off my occupation is obsolete. So THANK YOU, without you I and my cats, Mack, Moo, Frost and Jack would be on the streets. I could no longer afford rents in Portland.

Jan M., Hoquiam, Washington

If you had a close relative who worked in a service industry, they’d go the extra mile to help you out because you’re family.

I’m not related to Gary Boyer, but the amount of effort and care he has put into my home purchase makes me feel as if he’s beloved kin. I know it’s a cliche, but he really went out of his way to make my home loan and home purchase process a smooth and successful experience.

Gary Boyer exemplifies what it means to be both professional and caring in how he takes care of his clients. He is thorough, proficient, efficient, personable, knowledgeable, and the kind of financial services professional that deserves every recommendation possible.

Steve W., Gresham, Oregon

I honestly don’t have the words to express the beauty that this purchase has created for me personally and for my immediate and extended family as well. As a small business owner, you know all too well, that the hills and valleys we walk can absolutely tear us down at times and what this beach house has done for me personally has been remarkable. Having something to look forward to when everything is overwhelming is just priceless. Gary and his amazing team created a dream for me and my family. Taking possession of our new beach home Labor Day weekend was just amazing.

Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. Gary and his incredible staff truly embody what they do, which translates into your dream. Don’t hesitate for a moment – they are sincere and hardworking until the deal is done.

Constance K., Portland, Oregon

My first experience with Gary was in 2000 when I bought my first home and just like then, he worked magic and moved mountains this time to get me in my new home. I had a challenging credit situation this time around and Gary told me what I needed to do to better position myself to get a loan period, but also to get a better rate. I put in the work that he suggested and in less than 6 months was in the purchasing process for what is essentially my dream home.

The situation with the house itself and the sellers was challenging and presented many twists and turns that Gary deftly navigated with his team to get me over a bunch of bizarre hurdles and into the house.

Whatever your situation, whether straight forward or extremely complicated, I can’t recommend Gary and his team enough to get you through the process and stand by you with a smile wherever your situation may lead you. They will also be honest and up front about what is and isn’t possible and will not lead you astray.

James L., Portland, Oregon

GARY BOYER is the absolute best!. First time buying a home you can only imagine the millions of questions going through your head, the concerns and the impatience. Gary made it so easy for us answering every question you can possibly have being a home buyer for the first time, even if it’s 11 at night. He became our best friend and someone we trusted as family <3. He made as feel at ease and comfort through the whole process. He had the best team keeping things on top and updated. We were blessed our family member referred us to him as they also had the best experience. Everyone who walks in our new home will hear about him and how easy he made this whole process!. I hope my review can help lead you to the right direction ! Because this will be the best first step you will take in buying your perfict home!!! Good luck!

Fatima S., Portland, Oregon

Gary and his amazing team went to bat for us! Our expierence was so wonderful and I am so glad we had Gary and his team to get us through it.

Jerrick Jane C., Portland, Oregon

Gary Boyer and his team at Director’s Mortgage are incredible! I am closing on my new home today, thanks to Gary and his team, and Chris Dorr, the realtor that Gary recommended. From start to finish, the financing process was stress-free. Okay, I made my own stress, but Gary and his team helped triage and prevent my melt downs. Buying a house, especially in this market, it simply crazy. I went to Director’s Mortgage prior to looking for a house. I wanted to get pre-approved. I met with Gary and discussed my options, my down payment, credit, etc. Gary and his team had me pre-qualified within 24 hours. Gary broke down what I would need for 5% down, closing, appraisal, inspection, etc. With Gary’s help, I knew exactly what I could afford. That was a huge hurdle. It helped my realtor, Chris, as well. He didn’t try to steer me toward listings I could not afford.

Avoid the hassle of the big, anonymous banks and credit unions. Use a mortgage broker and get the hands-on, personalized service that makes the home buying process so much easier. I have used a big bank with my other home; took 60 days to close. They kept losing my paperwork. Before you do any mortgage shopping, talk with Gary and his team first. It’s worth the hour, and the consult is free.

Angie’s List Review – 1/16/2016

Gary and his team went above and beyond to secure not only the best loan terms possible, but to get an inspection done in time for closing, despite the challenges of a tight market, high demand, and personal tragedy in Gary’s own life. I am hugely grateful to everyone at Directors Mortgage for making my vision possible.

Angie’s List Review – 1/22/2017

Gary and his team are awesome! They have done multiple loans for us over the years and some of those loans weren’t exactly simple. Gary is very smart and savvy, as he is able to see things from many angles; and come up with more than one solution. His team always responds in a timely manner and they do things right the first time. Just awesome!

Angie’s List Review – 4/13/2017

He goes by the name “Mortgage Monkey,” but mortgage wizard is more accurate. He got us a better rate than my credit union, with a couple of fall back options. Gary is amazing about responding to questions, and never kept me waiting long, even on weekends and late nights! Agents who heard that we were pre-approved with Directors Mortgage all responded with “they are good” and I swear it made a difference when we made our offer. If the need arises, I will use them again!

$285K House Buyer (Closed) Jun 3, 2016, Beaverton, OR 97078

We have used Gary both times we purchased homes and have been extremely happy with him. He is professional, personable and very responsive.

$750K House Buyer (Closed) Nov 10, 2016, Portland, OR [Northeast Portland]

Gary has been a delight through my buying process. He patiently explained everything and advised me along the way based on my future goals. He is not only knowledgable but savvy.

$216K House Buyer (Closed) Jan 16, 2014, Portland, OR [East Portland]

We are not very good renters, we were like fish out of water living in homes that we could not truly make our own. When the time was right, we started looking for a new pond to live in, and contacted a mortgage broker. They were terrible, feeding us the standard bait (and switch!) and completely unable to back up their promises. Then, after we dumped them and got over feeling sorry for ourselves, we did a lot of research which led us to Gary Boyer. Don’t let the nickname “Mortgage Monkey” mislead you, this man is not monkeying around at all. One of us being self-employed always complicates everything we try to do, but in this case, there was nothing to worry about.

He and his team changed our perception of getting a home loan for the better. From application to closing, Gary and his team handled everything for us, and almost did it too well! From previous experiences, we were expecting phone calls, push-back, strange requests for things, and other delays. But, before we really knew what was going on, we were closing on our home! The weird West Coast “dry” close thing aside, this was a wonderful experience. Gary gently put us back into the water and even sent us an unexpected housewarming gift.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Gary Boyer and the entire Directors Mortgage team. Thank you so much and we will definitely be coming back to you when we wish to swim the stream and find a new pond in which to call home.

Chris G., Portland, Oregon

There are not enough good things to say about Gary and his team. We are forever grateful for his advice and expertise which ultimately lead us to this amazing house we call home. They made the impossible possible.

Nick F., Portland, Oregon

My partner and I had been searching for a home in Portland for 2 years. After having three of our loans fall through with other mortgage brokers we were feeling discouraged and jaded. We finally met Gary through a trusted referral from a friend. Gary was able to work with our complicated financial situation with ease and reinstill the trust we needed to make this huge purchase. Within three weeks we got our dream home. Gary was there every step of the way, answering questions as well as supporting us through the emotional turmoil of first time buying. Everything went incredibly smoothly and as I sit in the home I never thought I would have I can honestly say, “Thank you Gary, you made this possible!”

Pamela T., Portland, Oregon


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