Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Gary, what's the interest rate today?

A. There is more to this question than meets the eye. A great rate on the wrong loan, is still the wrong loan for you. I pride myself on always being very competitive, however I always work very hard to get to know your situation so I can give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience to get you a loan that works for you.

Q. What about the “too good to be true” mortgage ads?

A. Guess what? Most of them are simply advertising…anything to get you to call. I eat, sleep and breathe mortgages and if you EVER have any questions on any offer you received in the mail or seen on TV, give me a call and I can give you all the details that some in our industry like to leave out. And, if it’s truly a great deal, I will be happy to tell you so!


Q. Gary, what’s the difference between working with you and going to a bank?
A. If you go directly to a bank they only have access to a handful of loan options…and if you don’t fit into one of them, you’re done. I am able to access numerous different lenders, and their products. This gives me the flexibility to help you get a loan that is the right fit for you.


Q. Gary, I’m also checking out other mortgage brokers…. what makes you so darned special?

A. How many other people have a monkey for a Mascot? That’s pretty special, right? I am there for you every step of the way. You will work with me directly and I will be a resource for you before, during and after everything.


Q. Gary, when do I lock my rate in?

A: I start my day with obsessing over the financial markets and watching how the latest news and economic reports are impacting things. My goal is to offer you tools so that you can make an educated decision on locking your rate. People are always amazed at how events halfway around the world can impact interest rates and the markets often change with every loan, every business cycle and every borrower. It’s one more reason to have someone who is immersed in all of this on your team.


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